Top 10 Candies of The Month - February

Top 10 Candies of The Month - February

Dive into the sweet flavors of month!

Love is in the air this February, and that can only mean one thing, more delicious candy!

As certifiable candy lovers, we just have to share our latest and greatest candy discoveries.

Get ready to drool and feel a sweet tingle come across your lips as we dish on our top 10 candies for February...

#1. Lotus Sandwich Cookies Filled with Vanilla Cream

 Lotus Sandwich Cookies Filled with Vanilla Cream - 150g

If you find yourself without a Valentine to snuggle with, don't worry; we've found something better.

The Lotus Sandwich Cookies Filled with Vanilla Cream are made for the ultimate cookie monsters among us!

These famous Lotus Biscoff cookies offer two crunchy caramelized-tasting biscuits that nestle inside some luscious vanilla cream.

Curl up with a cup of tea and prepare to be mesmerized with these Lotus Biscoff cookies. Every bite is where creamy meets crunchy. It's the cookie of our dreams, filled with intense, full-bodied flavors and perfect texture.

Indulge in these Belgian cookies for the ultimate snack. These make an excellent partner with a glass of milk, ideal for dunking. Enjoy a few after dinner, or really treat yourself to the ultimate midnight snack. Just don't crunch too loudly, or you'll have to share!


#2. Dare Mallow Chocolatey Banana Flavoured Marshmallow Candy

Dare Mallow Chocolatey Banana Flavoured Marshmallow Candy - 150g

If you can't find a Valentine to sink your teeth into, these are the next best thing!

The Dare Mallow Chocolatey Banana Flavoured Marshmallow Candy is soft, supple and filled with incredible taste and texture.

With each and every chewy bite, the delectable fusion of banana and chocolate come together to create a mindblowing flavor!

A Canadian candy that allows you to experience two of the best flavors on earth, all in one luscious bite! You'll simply go bananas for this candy!

#3. Giant Rockets Candy

Giant Rockets Candy

Get ready to be blasted away into candy oblivion! With the Giant Rockets Candy!

This retro Canadian Candy is an awesome roll of candy that delivers the ultimate burst of flavors.

Chew through them slowly if you're a novice, or pour the entire roll directly into your candy-craving mouth for the ultimate sugar rush! Throw a roll in your purse or pocket, perfect for when the moment calls for candy!

These are similar to the American version of Smarties. Both are very similar in taste and texture. The Rockets' candy is just a tad tangier. The best way to eat Rocket candy is always more than one at a time! As they crumble in your mouth, all those fruity flavors come to life.

The Giant Rockets Candy is an oldie but a goodie!

#4. Maynards Swedish Berries & Creme 

Maynards Swedish Berries & Creme - 154g

Spoil yourself with the sophisticated taste of Maynard Swedish Berries & Creme.

These remarkable chewy candy gems are swirled together with the incredible flavors of strawberry and raspberry with a sweet serving of creme. 

The aromatic scent of this Canadian Candy will have you reeling! As you anticipate eating just a few, the entire bag will be gone before you know it!

Every candy features an awesome chewy texture, and with every delicious bite, those berry-infused flavors will deliciously burst and leave you wanting more!

Champagne and strawberries might be good but these Swedish Berries take the candy cake!

#5. Lifesavers Fruit Pastilles (Australia)

Lifesavers Fruit Pastilles (Aus) - 34g

Our friends from down under sure know how to make candy! The Lifesavers Fruit Pastilles are bursting with fruity flavors, featuring an amazingly chewy, gummy candy texture.

With every bite, get ready for a flavor explosion like never before! As every Lifesaver Candy is a shining example of true-to-life fruity goodness!

This Australian candy is perfect for that afternoon slump. Take a roll with you wherever you go, and you'll be armed for those fruity candy cravings! If you're a fan of the original Lifesaver Candy, these will become your new favourite!

An old-fashioned candy that certainly has staying power and our attention!

#6. World's Candy Cigarette Sticks

World's Candy Cigarettes Sticks

If blowing smoke rings is a favourite pastime, you'll love the World's Candy Cigarette Sticks!

This old-fashioned candy is meant to resemble a cigarette, but don't worry, it's a candy stick. Made with a crunchy candy texture and delicious flavor, you'll find yourself in plumes of sweet sugar. Sure to spark up memories of those good old days with just a bite! Just don't get caught smokin' in the boys' room!

These retro candy cigarettes come in a cool box. They would make a perfect gift for any hipster in your life.

Be cooler than you already are and drive down the street with one of these in your mouth! Be a real candy baddie with this delicious retro candy!

#7. Pods Snickers Australia 

Pods Snickers (Aus) - 160g

It's one of the best things we've ever tasted! The Pods Snickers are imported from Australia.

Featuring a crispy baked wafer cookie filled with luscious golden caramel and topped off with a serving of rich milk chocolate. If the Snickers Bar is a top contender for your chocolate cravings, you'll absolutely love this Australian candy.

Somehow, they've managed to incorporate the delicious taste of Snickers into a crisp-tasting cookie. It's genius, and it's deliciously delectable; each bite will not be your last.

These Pods boast a slight crunch along with those famous Snicker bar flavors! I mean, how could you ever pass up on this? You can't; these are a must-try for any chocolate lover!

#8. Cadbury Golden

Cadbury Golden - 80g

All that glitters is gold with the Cadbury Golden chocolate bar.

This Cadbury Bar is a Canadian treasure! Made with a silky smooth texture along with an irresistible melt-in-your-mouth texture. Unwrapping this chocolate bar will have you drooling! It's a cross between white chocolate and caramel, with a golden caramelized flavor.

Boasting the sweet notes of rich white chocolate with the warm and buttery golden notes of caramel. With every bite, you'll be swept off your feet into a world of silky texture and deliciously dreamy flavors.

You don't need a Valentine's with this Cadbury bar! 

#9. Millions Gems 

Millions Gems - 120g

For a one-in-a-million taste, nothing beats this British candy!

The Millions Gems are soft and chewy jelly sweets. Made with the same supple texture as a gummy candy. Each chewy bite reveals a fruity blend of fresh and aromatic flavors. As you bite through this English Candy, you'll be taken away to a fragrant and lush field of succulent berries. Where you'll find yourself reclining under the warm sun as you sweetly indulge the afternoon away!

Perfect for sharing with your bestie, but take heart if you find yourself alone. Truthfully, you won't want to share even one of these incredible candies!

Celebrate being one in a million with these delicious gems!

#10. Oreo Soft Cake

Oreo Soft Cake - 19.2g

America's sweetheart! Who could resist the classic taste of Oreo? Certainly not us!

The Oreo Soft Cake lets you experience those classic Oreo Cookie flavors but in a sink, your teeth into cake form!

This snack cake starts off with a layer of chocolate wrapped around the cake portion. The cake is moist and tender and features the star of the show, Oreo creme icing throughout the middle. Imported from Indonesia, this utterly spectacular snack is deliciously indulgent!

Treat yourself after dinner, or spoil yourself and savour this as a delectable midnight snack. Goes great with a tall glass of milk; we think it's better than any candle-lit Valentine's Day dinner!

Be sweetly satisfied with the incredible Oreo Soft Cake!




There you have it, our top ten candies for February. Which candy will you try next?

Did we miss any of your personal favorites?

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