Smarties Candy - 45g

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These Smarties are Canadian Candy!

We always "eat the red ones last"! This Canadian candy has been happily spilled into the hungry hands and mouths of many, and it never fails to sweetly satisfy!

Smarties Candy consists of brilliant and bright-coloured round chocolate candies. 
Made with a superb-tasting crunchy candy coating and a delicious middle of creamy and rich milk chocolate.
Smarties come in a variety of colors like orange, yellow, pink, purple, brown and, of course, our very favourite color of all, red! Dispatched out of their famous box so you can eagerly give them a shake before you gobble them all up. Just don't shake the box too loud, or you'll hesitantly have to share!
Once called "Chocolate Beans" in 1882 when they first arrived on the candy scene in Britain before finally making their sweet way to Canada in 1937.
We've been "crunching them very fast" for generations! One never tires of the delicious awesomeness that Smarties dole out.
A must-have Canadian Candy for any hungry American! Be a satisfied smarty pants with the flavorful fun of Smarties Candy!