Rocky Road Candy Bar - 1.65oz.

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The smooth taste of a Rocky Road Bar! 

"Handmade Milk Chocolate Coated Marshmallow with Cashew"

It can be a rocky road when you're hungry, but we've got just what you need to smooth things over. Behold the Rocky Road Candy Bar!

As you hold this delicious candy bar in your hand, you'll realize that being hungry will soon become a distant memory. The Rocky Road is paved with textures and unbelievable flavours.
Your lips will eagerly bite through a bar of light and fluffy nougat, topped off with the crunch of cashew nuts and encased in a layer of creamy milk chocolate.
Each bite is overwhelmingly irresistible, and the fluffy and crunchy textures work in tandem, creating a remarkable taste.
Make every road lead to the delectable taste of the Rocky Road Candy Bar!