Mars Bar - 52g

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Mars Bar is out of this world!

For a taste that's simply out of this world. You can always count on the magic of the Mars Bar!

Never underestimate the deliciousness of this chocolate bar. It's fully locked and loaded. Made to unleash its sweet satisfaction and end your hankering for chocolate.
Consisting of a mouthwatering middle of a fluffy nougat that is sweetly topped off with a ribbon of luscious and silky caramel. Encased in a bar of substantial and rich-tasting milk chocolate. Each and every bite is undeniably marvellous!  Mars will make your tastebuds soar, and your head spin!
The famed Mars Bar is the Canadian version of the Milky Way Bar, making its sweet debut in 1967. Enjoyed and loved, well, let's be honest, devoured for generations. 
Never be hungry again with the magical taste of the Mars Bar!