Kit Kat Pops - 70g

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Can’t Burst Our Bubble with Kit Kat Pops!

Bigger might not always be better when it comes to Kit Kat Pops. These bite-sized Kit Kat treats may be small, but certainly not lacking in flavor! One bite of these classic chocolate bites will have you addicted to the wafer treat. Kit Kat Pops are the perfect to enjoy for on-the-go snacking, whether you’re on a road trip or just want something to munch on during movie night.

Since 1935, Kit Kat has developed a loyal fanbase and they continue to release amazing variations of their popular chocolate. Kit Kat Pops is one variation that quickly became a favorite among Kit Kat connoisseurs, so if you haven’t had any yet, then this is your sign to grab a pack now and enjoy! 

2.5oz (70g)

Made in Canada