Jolly Rancher Gummies Sours Berries - 182g

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Pucker up for Jolly Rancher Sour Gummy Candy

The sweet taste of a Jolly Rancher is also in gummy form! This gummy candy is the perfect treat to reach for once you’ve had your fix of the hard candies. Jolly Rancher gummies are a great way to have the best of both worlds! The tasty gummy gives you the sweet taste of a typical Jolly Rancher, but the additional sour sugar coating will have you puckering your lips with every sour bite. 

Warning: Be careful not to overdo it with this one because you might end up hurting the roof of your mouth with all the sour-sugary goodness… but then again who are we to keep you from your candy desires, snack away!! Each pack comes with berry flavored gummies like strawberry, raspberry & grape. 

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