Fun Dip Sour 3 Flavor Pack - 39.6g

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Embrace the Sour Things in Life

Fun Dip Sour 3 Flavor Pack gives you that shiver in your spine that you can only get when you have a sour treat. Fun Dip sour pack comes in three flavors, strawberry smackeroo, watermelon whammo, and tartastic mystery. This combo of flavors in sour form is something everyone should experience at least once! Fun Dips are a classic candy that has been putting smiles on candy lovers' faces since the 1950s.

The anticipation of the first dip is always such an indescribable feeling. If you adore sour candies and enjoy eating with your hands, this is the perfect candy for you! Using the candy stick is also optional when using your fingers to scoop the sugar is infinitely more fun and sweet!

If the sour flavor seems a little too intense for your tastebuds, you can explore other Fun Dip flavors below. 

Fun Dip Orange Cherry Grape Candy - 40.5 g 

1.4oz (39.6g) 

Made in the USA