Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy 56g

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Sour Candies that bring a tear!

Go on and "cry baby cry" with the Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy! 

These sour candies will make even the toughest sour candy lover fall to their knees, and yes, it'll bring a tear to your eye!
Coming in the shape of an actual teardrop, the Crybaby Candy comes in five flavours Lemon, Cherry, Grape, Watermelon, and Orange.
These hard sour candies are made with sour-tasting perfection. Ideal for those who love to inflict the taste of sourness onto their tastebuds!
Laugh until you cry. It's all fun and games before you taste this candy!
Feel the sour sting with the Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy!