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The Only Buttons You Should Press

Ever heard the saying “plain as paper”? Well, that's not the case with Candy Buttons! The strip of paper is littered with colorful candy spots that taste as fun as they look. Each Candy Button comes with three colors that have their own tasty fruit flavors! The cherry, blue & lemon flavors are represented by pink, blue and yellow colors. You may look at these little candy drops and think to yourself that you won’t be getting much flavor out of it. But let us assure you that this paper candy is jam packed with fruity flavors and mega sweet deliciousness!!! 

Gen X would probably know a thing or two about this sweet treat since it's now considered a retro candy. This super popular old-school candy was the talk of the playground, if you had Candy Buttons you were everyones fav! If you want to relive the flavors of your favorite childhood candy, or just want to try a classic candy for the first time, grab a pack of the sweet Candy Buttons!

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0.5oz (14g)

Made in the USA