Cadbury Mr. Big Chocolate Bar - 60g

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Taste the Variety of Flavors with Mr. Big

Not to be confused with the TV character, this Mr. Big is actually there for you in your time of need! Cadbury Mr. Big Chocolate Bar is Cadbury’s largest chocolate bar, with a size of 8 inches and jam packed with delicious flavors! The chocolate bar is filled with rice crisps, peanuts, caramel and a vanilla wafer. The entire candy bar is then evenly coated in a dreamy milk chocolate that will have you craving more. 

The crunchy components of this Canadian chocolate, mixed with the gooey caramel are so satisfying to chew on. We couldn't think of a better way to enjoy a delectable candy bar, and on top of the delicious flavor blends, it's also very filling, so if you need a quick snack to settle you before dinner, this is just the thing! 

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  • 2.1oz (60g)

    Made in Canada