Cadbury Crispy Crunch - 1.7oz

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A crispy and crunchy chocolate bar!

There's nothing like the crunch of a Crispy Crunch! A satisfying chocolate bar that starts with an outer layer of creamy and rich-tasting Cadbury Milk Chocolate. Deliciously filled with flaky and crunchy peanut butter. Yes, you heard that right, a crispy and crunchy textured peanut butter, hence the name!

This chocolate bar swept us off our hungry feet in 1912. It might be old-fashioned, but that inevitable crunch truly never gets old!
Each and every bite offers a  perfect balance of flavors. The sweet Cadbury milk chocolate compliments a slightly salty and buttery-tasting peanut butter. These two ingredients work in tandem to give you a delectable taste and texture.
Make way for that crispy-sounding crunch with the Cadbury Crispy Crunch!