Big Turk - 60g

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The Big Turk from Canada!

Perhaps one of the most polarizing candy bars that have ever existed! Big Turk is a Canadian Chocolate bar that's been wrestling with taste buds since 1974.

Starting off with a deep magenta colored, rose water-infused Turkish delight. Encased in a thick and rippled coating of rich-tasting Nestle chocolate.
Each bite has a firm chocolate texture and a sublime and supple textured middle.
The Big Turk has won many over, but sadly there are a few that are not yet convinced of its sheer deliciousness. We think this candy bar is an exquisite-tasting blend of intense flavors and textures. It's always a winner in our book!
Made with 60% less fat than the average chocolate bar, this Big Turk candy bar makes a great choice that you can really feel good about eating.
Dare to be deliciously different with the Big Turk!
  • Candy Bars from the 70s
  • Canadian Chocolate Bars
  • Made by Nestle Chocolate